Has Christina Aguilera had further Cosmetic Surgeries?

Has Christina Aguilera had further Cosmetic Surgeries?

22 August 2015

We did a double take when photos of Christina Aguilera at an event in the Hamptons surfaced recently! While the ‘Dirty’ singer is no stranger to changing up her look – her past hair styles have ranged for pin-up curls to blonde dreadlocks – the notable difference to Christina’s facial features has caused some to say she’s turned to Cosmetic Surgery.

While some of the difference in the singer’s appearance is certainly down to a more natural style of make-up – Christina’s look is usually all-out –glamour, she favours a dramatic smoky eye and red lip – and perhaps a little weight gain, the change in the shape of her face and features suggests she’s had surgery.

Two expert surgeons gave their opinions about Christina’s new look. “Another explanation for the changes in facial shape and contour could be Dermal Fillers… They are a clear gel filler that is injected deep beneath the skin. They lift and volumise the cheek and jawline area to give a more youthful look. Celebrities just have to be careful to not ‘over do it’ because these fillers can start to look unnatural in large amounts.”

The other Surgeon concurred and felt Christina had undergone more than just Dermal Fillers, “She’s had another re-do Rhinoplasty, but this was done very well… But then she went too far with the filling of the cheeks. Her cheek implants are creating an overly full, almost fat, appearing face and creating dents below them when she smiles because they are so huge. It also looks like she had a chin implant put in.”

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Image credit: Tinseltown/ Shutterstock.com