19 September 2012

Suggestions that Dame Helen Mirren has undergone cosmetic surgery to beat the signs of ageing have begun circulating after the British actress was snapped wearing a scarf around her face. The 67-year-old, star of blockbusters including The Queen, Calendar Girls and UK television series Prime Suspect, was photographed while out shopping at a grocery store in Hollywood. In the picture she can be seen wearing a blue scarf wrapped under her chin and around her neck.It has been suggested that the actress was attempting to hide bandages following a facelift procedure. One cosmetic surgery expert told The People: "It's the type of bandage that would be used after a classic facelift. You can never be 100 per cent certain but it looks that way. Her face definitely looks puffy." Dame Helen has said previously in interviews that she would consider cosmetic surgery, and can understand why people choose to have procedures carried out. She said: "You go, I don't want to look at that face anymore and I understand completely, I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want to make themselves feel happy." See original story here: