06 July 2012

It has been rumoured that eccentric pop star Lady Gaga has gone under the surgeons knife and had plastic surgery. Suspicions arose when the Bad Romance and Born This Way singer tweeted a picture of herself lying on her bed in her Melbourne hotel room.Pretending to be asleep with her eyes shut, she accompanied it with a caption reading: Night night. Love, Mademoiselle Melbourne. In the image, her lips look swollen and significantly bigger than in other recent photographs, leading people to wonder whether she had opted to have her pout enhanced using surgery. This is not the first time such rumours have circulated, as it has previously been speculated that she may have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, or nose job. In the past, Lady Gaga who was the top selling musical artist of 2010 has spoken out against plastic surgery, saying it should not be used as a way for people to enhance their body just because they do not like what they are born with. I have never had plastic surgery and there are many pop singers who have, she stated, adding it should only be used as an artistic expression related to body modification.