19 April 2011

Recent photographs of Americas First Lady, Michelle Obama, have sparked rumours that she may have had Botox injections to keep her face wrinkle-free. Online magazine asked six plastic surgeons and dermatologists to comment on whether they thought she had dabbled in the treatment, with half believing she may well have done. Dr Steven Fallek, a plastic surgeon based in New York, is one of those who think Obama may have had Botox. Talking to he ruled out the possibility of surgery as the First Lady doesnt have the overly raised or arched eyebrows, which he said, are the usual giveaway. Dr Adam Schaffner of Weill Cornell Medical Group agrees: Mrs Obama may have had Botox injected in the area around her eyes, between her eyebrows, as well as in her forehead, to soften the appearance of some of the wrinkles in those areas, he said. However, Wendy Lewis, plastic surgery consultant, is sceptical about the rumours. Michelle is a handsome woman who takes great care of herself and it shows. We know she works out, her skin is luminous and she looks stunning. As for cosmetic intervention, I doubt she is doing much, if anything, she said.