02 October 2008

Americana actress Megan Fox may have turned to cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks, according to celebrity website

Comparisons of Megan's appearance now and her appearance four years ago show a marked difference in her appearance. The 22-year-old star of Transformers and the recently released How to Lose Friends and Alienate People is suspected to have undergone a range of cosmetic procedures, including breast enhancement surgery and nose surgery (rhinoplasty).

In addition, she is also thought to have had dermal fillers to plump up her lips.

Experts told In Touch, a popular Hollywood blog, "Her upper and lower lips appear fuller. It looks like she had Restylane or Juvederm injections," and "The bridge of her nose is thinner and the tip is more refined."

In the past, Megan has admitted to feeling unfeminine, saying, "I don't feel very attractive or feminine, I feel like a boy."

Recently, she also talked about her more masculine areas of interest, like watching sports and playing video games, stating, "That's the upside of dating a woman that's almost a man. She likes the same things that you like, but she has a vagina."

Traditionally, cosmetic surgery was seen as the domain of ageing celebrities, who turned to anti-ageing surgeries - like facelifts and Botox - to make them look younger.

However, as people have learned more about cosmetic surgery, younger women in their 20s have increasingly turned to cosmetic procedures - like breast enlargements and liposuction - to improve their looks.

In Britain, for example, the huge rise in breast enlargement surgery has meant that the average bra size has changed from 34C to 36D in just five years.