Have they, haven't they?

12 December 2011

It can be incredibly difficult being a celebrity nowadays – there’s so much pressure to look fresh and young. There are plenty of celebrities who are open about any help they’ve had in this department, and quite a few who like to keep us guessing. if you’re interesting in finding out who’s had a bit of cosmetic surgery done take a look at some of our top guesses:HAVE? -    Megan Fox Despite fervent denials of Botox in the form of some angry-looking photos, it looks like Megan Fox may have had a nose job and possibly some lip fillers too. Either way though, Megan always looks incredible. -    Jennifer Anniston Our favourite Friends star has admitted to having nose reshaping surgery, but she may have had further non-surgical treatments to keep telltale lines and wrinkles at bay. Help or no help, Jennifer has hardly aged a day in the last few years. -    Kylie Minogue We all know Kylie has had Botox, but she says she’s putting further treatments on hold for now. She’s the perfect example of how effective the wrinkle-defying injections can be at fighting off the signs of ageing, but she is adamant that she hasn’t had a face lift as well. HAVEN’T? -    Kate Winslet Kate is the ultimate natural woman – she’s got a gorgeous curvy figure and she’s definitely proud of it. We’re certain she’s going to grow old gracefully. -    Brad Pitt The only man on our list, Brad is without a doubt one of the most admired men on the planet when it comes to looks. While many people believe he’s undergone a skin peel and dermal fillers, we think he’s probably just naturally attractive. -    Gwen Stefani The Ex-No Doubt superstar has been quoted as saying that she may have plastic surgery one day, but as yet this lovely lady hasn’t had any. She seems to be one of the many lucky women in the world that have seriously sought-after facial features, although we’re sure she has her fair share of body hang-ups just like everybody else! Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to have plastic surgery, if you are interested in the different non-surgical and surgical procedures available, visit our website to find out more.