15 October 2008

Claire Thornton, 26, Leeds, Had Breast Augmentation at The Harley Medical Group.

Claire went from a size 14 to a size 8 and her breasts shrunk from a 36D to a 34B. She called them spaniel’s ears because they looked small and drooped and she really hated them. She was a confident and happy person but felt uncomfortable with her new shape.

At 24 Claire was still socialising with her friends but she noticed a change in herself and the way she dressed. She found that she didn’t want to meet a man because she was ashamed of her breasts and of any potential boyfriend seeing her naked.

Claire decided she didn’t want to feel unconfident with herself and after thinking long and hard about it she decided to book in for a consultation at The Harley Medical Group to see if cosmetic surgery was the right decision for her.

Claire’s friends and family are all incredibly supportive of her and think she looks absolutely fantastic, some of her friends are now considering cosmetic surgery now they have seen the results.

Claire loves her new hourglass figure and loves holidays and shopping now and the surgery has given her a new found confidence, she has a new figure a new man and a renewed love for life!