02 June 2009

Actress Haylie Duff has recently sparked rumours that she may have undergone cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance. The star, older sister to teen sensation Hilary Duff, has reportedly been seen with what appears to be a sculpted nose and smaller chin.According to Star Magazine, Haylie has dyed her hair from brown to blonde and has undergone cosmetic surgery that makes her look more like her sister, including a chin reduction and rhinoplasty. The Post Chronicle reports that Dr. Thomas P. Sterry, a New York-based plastic surgeon who has not treated Haylie, gave his opinion on the procedures the star may have elected. He said: "Haylie had her nose done and her chin reduced," adding "I think they made her chin smaller by chipping away at the bone." "This is a good job. I think Haylie's features have better harmony." Sister Hilary Duff has also been the subject of rumours when it comes to cosmetic surgery, with many speculating that the young star may have undergone a breast augmentation. However, there has been no confirmation that either sister has actually chosen to have plastic surgery. The sisters have proved themselves a creative power house at the cinema as well as in the pop charts and on the small screen as the multitalented twosome showed their many creative leanings from a young age. Currently, Haylie and Hilary are ranked number two on E!'s Favorite Famous Sisters.