12 April 2010

As more and more people are turning to HD, TV stars are having to pay increasing attention to their appearance - because high definition TV doesn't just mean amazing explosions and crisp colours, it also means a chance to see all the flaws people might prefer to hide. While a good make-up artist is an essential tool for any TV personality, it hardly seems surprising that stars are paying more attention to things they can do to minimise flaws or turn back the signs of ageing. Simon Cowell - a big fan of Botox and other non invasive procedures - is just the latest in a long list of celebs who are doing their best to make sure they are HD-ready. Makes me feel grateful the only thing I'll have to do is buy a new TV! But on the other hand, I've seen quite a few people saying the whole HD thing has been blown a bit out of proportion when it comes to the way people look on screen. What's more, there are ways they can treat HD photography to soften down some of the edges or give people a more airbrushed appearance. I guess HD TV is really just a good prompt for people who were planning to look at ways they can enhance their looks with cosmetic surgery or non invasive treatments rather than a reason to have it. After all, the only good reason to have work done is because you really want it - not just because technology is rushing us into the future.