12 April 2011

An American health professional has urged anyone preparing to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure to check the credentials of the person carrying out the work. Fox News health correspondent, Dr Manny Alvarez, was speaking following the death of a woman in Las Vegas last weekend. The 42-year-old died after a cosmetic surgery procedure carried out in the back room of a tile store went wrong. In February, a 20-year-old British woman died after suspected illegal backstreet surgeons carried out a cosmetic buttock procedure in a Philadelphia hotel room. Dr Alvarez said a large number of foreigners were coming into the US to practice medicine, who claim to be qualified in their own country, but are not legally allowed to work in America. He stressed that the only sensible option is to go through a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. He said: "I would encourage any person, regardless of socioeconomic status, that if they do require medical treatment, to make sure the person has proper credentials, a license to practice medicine, and that their offices or surgical centres contain the proper equipment to deal with medical emergencies. "A hotel or motel room does not cut it."