28 February 2011

Experts from the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS) have launched a fresh bid to stamp out those offering cut-price Botox to unsuspecting consumers. The IHAS has already set up Treatments You Can Trust – a database service that offers consumers an easy way to find registered and reputable clinics offering injectable treatments. Experts from the organisation are now going a step further; meeting health workers and government representatives this week to agree measures that, when implemented, will help to cut down on the number of rogue Botox practitioners. The action has been prompted by a boom in those visiting unregulated practitioners to get cheaper treatment and being left with lumps, bumps, and serious infections. Sally Taber, director at the IHAS, told The Sun: “It is very dangerous. You are putting your lives in the hands of someone who does not know what they are doing or what could happen. We have seen a rise in unqualified practitioners masquerading as professionals.”Botox and other dermal fillers should only ever be injected by doctors, nurses or dentists, in other words, experts that have been properly trained and regulated.