Health secretary says 'no case' for PIP implant removal

04 January 2012

No evidence has yet been found to suggest breast implants manufactured by French firm PIP should be routinely removed, according to the UK health secretary. A panel of experts, led by NHS medical director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, has been established to look at data from across the industry with regard to rupture rates of PIP implants.Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning, health secretary Andrew Lansley said so far, some of the evidence received had been inconsistent. He is now looking to private breast implant clinics to provide clear data in a consistent format within the next 48 hours. Mr Lansley said: "On the basis of the evidence and the data that they have seen so far, their advice continues to be that there is no case for the routine removal of these implants, because there isn't a safety concern that would justify the risk of a surgical operation." It is hoped that the panel of experts will be able to provide a review by the end of the week and make it "absolutely clear" whether or not there is a safety concern. About 40,000 women in the UK had the PIP implants fitted. Women who are concerned about their implants have been advised to contact their doctor or surgeon.