27 August 2013

Acne scar on skinFreckles and other dark skin marks, collectively known as hyperpigmentation, have a number of causes, but increasing numbers of people are seeing satisfactory results from a range of treatments, according to a leading health news website. Onlymyhealth.com reports that the condition usually manifests itself either as blotches of brown pigment on the skin those freckles or birthmarks, which are more usually red, and in the most extreme cases can cover a large area of the body. These latter skin marks get larger as someone with them gets older, the website noted. Spending too long in the sun is the main cause of hyperpigmentation, the article said. The sun causes the body to over-produce melanin, which causes the dark or discoloured spots on a person's skin.The condition may also be caused by certain medications, are common during pregnancy, and are also often a by-product of acne. In many cases, a change in the levels of medication being taken can help clear up hyperpigmentation, said the article. But creams containing skin-lightening chemicals also help fade the marks. But if the marks are at a shallow level within the skin layers, the article says laser treatment can also work. And once such a course of treatment has been undertaken, it recommends using a high-SPF sunblock or staying out of the sun altogether - to prevent the spots from returning.