26 April 2011

A healthcare body has stressed the importance of only receiving Botox treatments from trained professionals. Thanks to the recession, people are looking to find cheaper ways of looking good. But the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service is concerned that people are putting themselves at risk by cutting corners in order to save cash when it comes to Botox injections. A report by The Sun newspaper says Botox parties are becoming increasingly popular, but there are substantial risks if the person carrying out the procedure is not sufficiently qualified. Sally Taber, a founding member of IHAS, said: "We are urging everyone to think about their safety when choosing a practitioner and by following our five-point checklist, patients can ensure they are in the best possible hands." Ms Taber said there are a number of things people can do to ensure they stay safe when receiving injectable cosmetics. Checking the person carrying out the procedure is qualified, has suitable credentials and is properly trained are extremely important, as is making sure the environment where the treatment is taking place is clean and safe. Ensuring the quality of the substance being used is also a must.