30 September 2011

55915054Heartbroken women spend an average of 500 following a split with a partner, a new survey has shown. Researchers commissioned to carry out the survey by Superdrug found that women spend money on treatments and new clothes to boost their mood after being dumped. Haircuts and colouring, new shoes, clothes, spray tans, gym memberships and manicures are among the top items and treatments that women splash out on.Simon Comins from Superdrug said: 'Being dumped, whether it was on the cards or not, will make even the toughest woman feel awful. Women start to question what went wrong with the relationship and feel self-conscious about their looks. So indulging in a new hair-do, a change of hair colour, bronzed skin and a new wardrobe can be just the tonic. Of the women polled, 50 per cent say they had completely reinvented themselves after a break up in the past, and 75 per cent of those say the effort and expense was worth it to rebuild their body confidence. Six per cent of women also said that they had turned to cosmetic surgery to increase their self esteem. The survey also revealed that a single woman will spend an average of 70 on going out with friends and that 11 per cent pay monthly subscriptions of almost 50 for dating websites.