18 March 2009

New reports are showing that the trend towards large, heavy earrings is inspiring women to turn to a new cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons are noting that they've seen an increase in demand for earlobe reshaping surgery, and they believe the trend is due to women wearing large, heavy earrings.James McDiarmid, a cosmetic surgeon in Plymouth, told the Daily Mail: "The weight stretches the piercing hole and because of their size they are also at greater risk of getting caught and tearing the ear." He noted that as heavy earrings came back into fashion, he's seen a 20 per cent increase in patients seeking treatments on their earlobes. A patient who has had ear reshaping surgery said: "My ear looked unsightly and I started getting really self-conscious. But it was only when a friend told me that she'd had corrective surgery for this problem that I realised I could do something about it. It's not only ear surgery that is seeing a boost in customers. A recent release from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons noted that breast enlargement surgeries are continuing to grow in popularity. They noted that many women are turning to breast surgery during times of unemployment in order to boost their chances of netting a significant job offer during interviews. Another report from the Financial Times found that businessmen are also turning to cosmetic surgery in order to keep clients and do business. The report also found that more men were turning towards Botox injections and dermal fillers in order to look their best during client meetings.