13 May 2011

Reality television star Heidi Montag has decided not to have any more cosmetic surgery now, but she is adamant that things might change as she gets older. At a Hollywood party last night, the 24-year-old told US Weekly magazine: For this moment I dont want anything to do with plastic surgery! But she went on to add: Obviously when I get a little older, Ill take it from there. In 2009, Montag admitted to having ten procedures done in one day and she is currently recovering from a nose job, eyebrow lift, cheekbone and chin reshaping, breast enlargement and dermal filler injections. In the past she has admitted to feeling fragile following surgery and her larger bust makes it difficult to jog or partake in intense physical exercise. Having taken a break from the Hollywood lifestyle for the last six months, Montag will soon be back in the limelight thanks to VH1s new reality television show, Famous Food. The programme sees seven celebrities trying to open a new restaurant and make it profitable.