08 April 2010

Reality TV queen Heidi Montag has been the subject of much discussion once again, as the star claims to have unveiled a brand new cosmetic surgery procedure on her lower back.Heidi's claim that she "might be the first one to try" the procedure, which has been referred to as 'back scooping', has been disputed by leading cosmetic surgeons however, who revealed it as a common form of liposuction. Cosmetic surgeon and American Society of Plastic Surgery spokesperson, Barry M Weintraub, told NY Daily News: "It’s not a new procedure. It’s basically micro liposuction of the back." The surgeon explained that the procedure involves contouring the lower back during liposuction to appear concave and avoid revealing any signs of fat. He added: "It is very pretty, aesthetically pleasing and it takes in the waist secondarily, too, because when you measure one’s waist it is not just the front. It goes around to the back." Body contouring plastic surgery procedures are becoming increasingly popular, according to Dr William Sampson, who revealed that many patients choose it in addition to fat removal treatments. "Some people just prefer to target that back area," he explained. While Heidi certainly isn't the first woman to try out this cosmetic surgery procedure, her media profile may encourage more women to improve the appearance of their backs through body contouring. As well as removing unwanted fat deposits from the lower back, 'back scooping' is also often carried out higher up to get rid of back fat that develops in the bra area.