26 January 2010

Well, I had a feeling the news reports about Heidi Montag might have been a little over the top or extremist - and now it looks like I was on the right track. The star of that kind of addictive but slightly strange reality TV show The Hills has been giving all kinds of dramatic interviews about her supposed 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in one day - even claiming that she 'almost died'. Her surgeon has since gone on record to rubbish her claims as sensationalist - and I for one can see why!Dr. Frank Ryan, Heidi's cosmetic surgeon, explained that she was nowhere near death's door at any point, and that she had a larger number of procedures - they just weren't all technically classed as 'surgery', although she decided to class them as such, and they took place over a number of days. According to Softpedia, he said: "I really call it 30 surgeries because if were gonna count Botox injections we should count every single injection, and both breasts, not just - you know - so its two surgeries. Why say 10 surgeries? It sells magazines." It seems a little like Heidi struggled with the fact that not everyone was too impressed with her new look, and that's when she started saying she thought she might be addicted to cosmetic surgery. Now, this is a serious claim, whatever way you look at it. Addictions are a big deal no matter what compulsion entails. Now the star has gone back on her words and Dr Ryan sides with her on that at least. He made it clear that he, as with any other ethical surgeon, would never operate on someone who showed signs of addiction. He also suggested that Heidi's choices and words may have been influenced by the pressure of fame. Heidi's said she just wanted to look better with the help of cosmetic surgery, but somehow the way she looks is the last thing everyone seems to be talking about - instead it's whether she's telling the truth and what her motivations really were. For her sake, I hope they were the right ones.