27 January 2010

Helen Mirren has spoken out in support of women choosing cosmetic surgery to achieve their desired appearance. The 64-year-old actress is well-known for being proud of her natural beauty, as evidenced in photos of her relaxing in a red bikini on holiday in 2008. However, speaking to morning show GMTV, Helen said she understands the pressure women feel to turn back the biological clock with plastic surgery treatments such as face lifts."You go, 'I don't want to look at that face anymore,' and I understand that, absolutely," Helen said. "I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want to make themselves feel happy." The Oscar winning actress is not immune to insecurity about her own body, and this was tested recently when she posed for examination by the wax sculptors at Madame Tussauds. Helen revealed: "To be measured by calipers, every inch of you, it's a bit intimidating. "Every inch of you gets measured!" The star was given a sneak preview of her wax doppelganger, which will be unveiled to the public in April. Describing the experience, Helen said: "It was absolutely like having yourself next to yourself. "It was very weird." There is one aspect of her body that Helen is not satisfied with - a small tattoo near her left thumb, which the actress explained she had done a "very, very long time ago" when she was "very, very drunk." Helen told Good Morning America: "I decided to get a tattoo because it was the most shocking thing I could think of doing. "Now I'm utterly disgusted and shocked because it's become completely mainstream, which is unacceptable to me."