14 January 2011

Veteran professional dancer Helen Richey has revealed that she has considered having plastic surgery. In an interview with New Idea magazine, Richey said: “Sometimes I look at myself and wonder, 'Who is that woman in the mirror?' and wonder if I should have something done. But then I think I'm doing pretty well for where I am in my life”. Australian-born Richey found fame as a ballroom and Latin dancer after moving from Australia to the UK to compete in international competitions. At the height of her dancing career, Richey, and her husband and dance partner Robert, regularly finished in the top three at the UK, International, and World Professional Latin Championships. Richey also told New Idea: “Both my parents were very trim people. I think in that way, I've been very fortunate. I've never ever been on a diet my whole life. I eat basically what I want, when I want it, but in small amounts. I'm just not a big eater”. Nowadays, 64-year-old Richey is best known for being a judge on the Australian version of reality TV show Dancing With The Stars.