28 June 2012

Stopping smoking can be extremely beneficial not only for women's general health, but can also help them maintain perky breasts. That's according to a medical expert who says smoking has an extremely detrimental effect on a woman's breasts. Surgeon and breast specialist Ian Laidlaw, of Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, told the Daily Mail newspaper that smoking results in the deterioration of the skin on the breasts, in the same way as it can cause wrinkles.Mr Laidlaw said: "The effect on a woman's breasts is so marked that it is possible to see if she smokes just by looking at the condition of her breasts. Even giving up smoking after a number of years will lead to a marked improvement." Collagen fibres in the breasts help to keep them firm, while elastin helps them maintain flexibility. Over a period of time these fibres naturally break down, but smoking can result in premature deterioration as it damages the elastin and can cause the breasts to droop. Mr Laidlaw said while a woman's breasts will naturally sag with age, excessive sagging can have a profound impact and may lead to feelings of inferiority and a distorted body image.