20 September 2010

Here at The Harley Medical Group we've been very excited to see all the newspaper coverage of the recently launched Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) register for injectable treatments. As proud members of the IHAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers, we're very happy to see that plenty of people are being made aware of the quality mark and the fact it's likely to help save people from visiting dodgy practitioners. The more people talk about the dangers of putting your treatment in the hands of someone without proper training, the better. While there are plenty of clinics out there that are ethical, there are plenty more people who only want to make money - and aren't afraid of cutting corners to do so. Cutting corners is one thing when it comes to making clothes for example (although there's nothing more annoying than buying a new top that soon falls apart), but it's a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to your health. Even very simple procedures can be damaging to your well-being when they are carried out incorrectly or by people using the wrong equipment. This means it's crucial to check out any clinic you visit, even when you're planning non surgical procedures. In my opinion, the IHAS system is a great way to help people judge how safe a clinic is while the news coverage that it has helped to generate is just as important in educating people to look out for warning signs in the first place. Don't trust your face and body to anyone, spend a little extra time making sure you're looking at a legit clinic instead - it's more than worth it in the long run!