Here’s the beauty products you should splurge on

Here’s the beauty products you should splurge on

27 October 2015

Wouldn’t it be great to have an unlimited budget to spend on beauty products? But for those of you who don’t, it’s worthwhile knowing which products you should splurge on and which ones you can save some cash on.

So without further ado, here’s what you should never scrimp on:

  • Moisturiser

For the best results, you need a good base so always spend high when it comes to moisturiser. Nobody likes having dry, flaky skin so make it a thing of the past by investing in a rich moisturiser that will penetrate your skin making it look its best.

  • Primer

Keep your make-up looking fresh all day with a decent primer. When selecting yours, think carefully about the imperfections you want to conceal – then go for a product designed to combat those flaws.

  • Make-up brushes

Great make-up is only half the battle to flawless-looking skin – investing in high quality brushes will ensure your make-up goes on smoothly without any smudging or streaks – and not a stray bristle in sight. Naturally we recommedn the cruelty free kind. 

  • Foundation

For flawless skin, you’ll need the right foundation. Spend a little more to achieve even skin tone, minimised pores and a smooth base.

  • Concealer

The last thing you need is your spots to rear their ugly heads halfway through the day so make sure you invest in a quality concealer that will keep those unwanted blemishes from sight.

  • Eye shadow

Spending a little more on your eye shadow will ensure your make-up stays put all day long. The better quality the eye shadow, the easier it will blend into your skin and the better quality the pigment.

What are your must-have splurge products? Let us know on Twitter.


Image Credit: Valua Vitaly/