Here’s what the ‘perfect’ face looks like

29 August 2016

Here’s what the ‘perfect’ face looks like

We’re constantly being confronted with images of flawless-looking celebrities. Whether airbrushed or the real deal, it doesn’t stop us wondering what it would be like to have the perfect nose or the perfect jawline.

Well thanks to one Cosmetic Surgeon, we’re now able to reveal the nation’s most desirable facial features. The expert collated data from 1,000 female patients who undertook Cosmetic Surgery to look like their favourite celebrities to come up with the perfect female face.

Topping the list is Kate Middleton’s nose – and we have to agree, it is pretty perfect. But what makes it so popular with women the world over? According to the Cosmetic Surgeon, it all comes down to numbers.

He said: “To the naked eye, her nose is straight, delicate and feminine and science confirms that Kate’s nose, with its 106-degree nasal tip rotation deserves a place on the world’s most perfect face.”

Coincidentally Rhinoplasty procedures (Nose Reshaping surgery) increased by 14 per cent over the last year.

Keira Knightley’s eyelids and Jennifer Lopez’ eyebrows came in second and third place in terms of most coveted features, followed by Penelope Cruz’ lips and Angelina Jolie’s cheeks in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Reece Witherspoon’s skin and Miley Cyrus’ forehead took sixth and seventh position while eight place went to Selena Gomez for her chin and Cher came ninth on account of her chiselled jawline.

All in all, it makes for a beautiful face.

The Cosmetic Surgeon was quick to advise that women seeking to replicate the looks of their favourite celebrities are not always granted their wish.

“Thankfully, a lot of the time, it works very naturally to replicate a nose like the Duchess of Cambridge’s or eyelids similar to Keira Knightley’s.”

He added: “But on other occasions we do have to amend the plans because there are limits to how far you can improve what nature has given you.

“Most patients are pretty realistic in their objectives. They know that a new nose is not going to make them look like Kate Middleton.

“But a nose like Kate’s might perfectly complement the rest of their features and give them a much more beautiful face.”

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