Here’s what to consider before getting Breast surgery

Here’s what to consider before getting Breast surgery

1 March 2016

Here’s what to consider before getting Breast surgery

Breast surgery remains the most common and popular form of Cosmetic Surgery in the UK but before you sign up for bigger breasts, there are many factors to consider. Here’s how you can ensure your procedure goes smoothly and you get the results you want.

  • Shop around

It’s unlikely you buy a new pair of Jeans from the first shop you go in to, so why would you risk this where your breasts are concerned? Be sure to do your research thoroughly and book initial consultations with a number of clinics. It’s vital that you are put at ease and feel comfortable with your decision, plus initial consultations are usually free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Do background research on your Cosmetic Surgeon

Your Cosmetic Surgeon will be able to show you before and after pictures of previous procedures they have performed. It never hurts to do some extra research of your own though. Find out what their other patients have to say about them before you commit to Cosmetic Surgery.

  • Discuss implant size

In your consultation, you should discuss what results you hope to achieve. Remember, your Cosmetic Surgeon is there to guide and advise you – they should also give you realistic expectations. Did you know for example, that it’s not recommended to go up by more than two cup sizes? And of course, every woman is different so your consultation will be tailored to you.

  • Every Cosmetic Surgeon is different

Maybe your friend had Breast Implants and she was given different aftercare to you? It’s important to remember that although every Cosmetic Surgeon is different, they are an expert in their field. Follow the aftercare steps they recommend to you to ensure you give your body the best possible chance of healing. And if you have any questions, ask them. Your Cosmetic Surgeon is there to answer them and put you at ease.

  • Be prepared to feel some pain

Depending on your pain threshold, the pain can vary from person to person. It’s usually recommended that you book time off work post-surgery and get a friend or family member to help look after you for a week as you may find some daily activities difficult at first. The pain should subside around four days after the procedure with most patients feeling their normal selves again one week later.

  • Sleep on your back after surgery

You’ll be advised to sleep on your back for around a month post-surgery to allow your Breast Implants to settle into the right position. Sleeping on your front or side during this time may result in them dislodging so try to avoid this if you can.

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