27 April 2011

Breast reduction is one of the most successful cosmetic surgery procedures in terms of patient satisfaction, according to a new survey. The research was conducted by, a US-based online forum for cosmetic surgery patients. Dr Gus Galante, a specialist in breast reduction surgery, said he was not surprised by the findings. Dr Galante believes the reason that patients experience a high level of satisfaction with this type of surgery is that there are physical benefits to be enjoyed, as well as emotional ones. Women with large breasts can suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain, which can prevent them from wanting to take part in physical activities. Dr Galante added that these women can often feel self-conscious about their appearance. He said: "For them, the breast reduction procedure is about achieving a shape and proportion that allows them to feel normal. "Both breast augmentation and breast reduction help women to feel more balanced and proportional, and may enhance their body image and feelings of sensuality."