25 July 2011

86544797A cosmetic surgery expert has told the Daily Mail newspaper that the best prevention of lines and wrinkles is to wear a high SPF (sun protection factor) daily, to smile regularly and to cut out drinking and smoking. Liz Jones, a reporter for the daily newspaper, spoke to Mr Alex Karidis an experienced cosmetic surgeon about how to rejuvenate her appearance and why she suffered from loose skin, eye bags and wrinkles.Mr Karidis replied that spending time in the sun, drinking, smoking, stress and genetics were all contributing factors in the appearance of skin as we age, and that wearing a high SPF and smiling regularly to reduce stress were the two best ways to ward off signs of ageing. He also added that genes passed down from our parents have a lot to do with how well or badly we age. The only thing you can do for your skin is stay out of the sun, not smoke or drink alcohol, and pray your parents gave you good genes, said Mr Karidis. No cream is capable of lifting this, he added, pointing to Jones loose skin around the jaw line.