29 October 2008

This week's news that 'cosmetic surgery couples' are on the rise has got me thinking: I wonder how many celebrities have encouraged their partners to undergo a procedure to improve their appearance? One obvious example springs to mind immediately - David and Victoria Beckham of course! The stylish pair have always hit the headlines with their "his 'n' her" ventures, their new perfume being just one example. And although neither of them have ever officially confirmed having had cosmetic surgery done, it's widely speculated that not only has Posh had a breast enlargement, but both her and David are likely regular users of Botox.

But which other couples have bitten the plastic surgery bug together? Hollywood A-listers Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married for ages - and the 25 year age gap between them is no secret. A few years ago, Michael was suspected to have had a facelift, maybe to keep up with his younger wife, and the results have certainly lasted. Perhaps spurred on by his success, it's believed that Catherine may have had breast implants shortly afterwards - I think that's a great example of a couple that likes to look and feel good together!

There are loads of other couples that fit the bill too - and not just the straight ones. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and Ally McBeal actress Portia de Rossi are America's most famous lesbian couple - after Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan, naturally. And while it's no secret that 35-year-old Portia is a big fan of wrinkle relaxing injections (her face seems to remain smooth and wrinkle-free at all times), her enthusiasm for the procedure may have spurred on her 50-year-old partner's possible Botox use before their nuptials.

However, it's not always a case of encouragement between cosmetic surgery couples. Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney - who admitted to undergoing eye bag removal surgery last year - is rumoured to have dumped ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson after she had a breast enlargement. Maybe the timing was just a coincidence? In any case, I'm glad that Sarah went ahead with such a confidence boosting operation. She was recently voted one of People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in 2008 - so she's done herself proud!