04 November 2010

New Hollyoaks actress Sheree Murphy has revealed she has no qualms about cosmetic surgery. In an exclusive interview for the Mirror, Sheree revealed she was not happy about getting older, claiming she's finding it even more depressing now she's starring alongside the young Hollyoaks cast. She explained: "I'd be chatting to the other actors like I'm on their level, and suddenly think, 'You're 17 - I could be your mum!' "I've been more aware of my age since I've been working on the show. It's so depressing!" However, the star - who plays a cougar with her eyes fixed on the toy boys of the town - also said she wouldn't be against the idea of cosmetic surgery to improve her relationship with her looks. "If you're brave enough and it makes you feel better, why not? It's not a bad thing. I hate getting older. I'll stand in front of the mirror and pull my face back and lift my eyes to see the difference. "It's traumatic." Sheree wouldn't be alone amongst the Hollyoaks cast if she decided to get work done. Co-star Jennifer Metcalfe, who plays feisty Mercedes McQueen Fisher, dropped a dress size with liposuction earlier this year and the longest serving female cast member, Carley Stenson, had a nose job in the summer to correct damage caused by a knock during her childhood. In the frank interview, Sheree also admitted that her new role as a cougar was not going down well with her children, who don't like watching her kiss toyboys on the show.