02 August 2010

Matthew McConaughey has long been at the centre of rumours about his good looks and whether a little cosmetic surgery has helped him retain them, and the Hollywood star recently sparked new discussions due to reports that he's been meeting surgeons to discuss options.The 40-year-old actor was rumoured to have undergone a hair transplant a few years ago, and a source recently told Touch Magazine that Matthew "worries that his bodys younger than his face." The source close to the star said he "feels like he has the body of a 20-year-old - but the wrinkly face of an old man," and was considering having cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate his appearance. "[Matthew] has already met with a plastic surgeon ... and may go under the knife this fall," the source added. Although friends of the star subsequently denied these rumours, TMZ observed a noticeable change in Matthew McConaughey's appearance at recent events, compared to photos from 2001. The most obvious difference noted by the gossip blog is the disappearance of sagging eyelids that caused the star to appear prematurely aged, something that could be due to the large amount of time he spends in the sun. This caused speculation that he may have already had eye bag removal to achieve a more open, alert and youthful appearance. Whether he chooses further plastic surgery to boost his looks and his career prospects or not, Matthew McConaughey is still one of Hollywood's leading men, appearing in recent films such as Southbound alongside Eva Mendes.