30 April 2010

A blogger has examined a few recent claims that Hollywood filmmakers are turning their backs on cosmetic surgery, revealing that enhanced looks are still as popular as they ever were in the entertainment world.There have been a couple of people suggesting that Hollywood is favouring a natural look for its stars in the last little while - but as Colin Stewart of The Orange County Register points out, that doesn't mean women with natural-looking boob jobs will find themselves discriminated. Indeed, New York Times reporter Stephanie Diani admitted that the supposed trends she had identified only applied to "small but significant numbers" of filmmakers. Colin Stewart explained: "Many Hollywood executives, like many men, find breast implants attractive. But theyd prefer not to know thats what theyre looking at. "Young actresses are supposed to look perfect, of course, and now theyre supposed to look as though they did nothing to achieve that perfection." Stewart pointed out that celebrities only tend to face criticism when they choose plastic surgery that does not appear natural for their figures. "No one complains about the nose job that Angelina Jolie got long ago," he explained. "Formerly flat-chested Kate Hudson draws little flak for her decision to get what look like moderate-sized breast implants." Conversely, it also seems that big is still beautiful, with famously-enhanced celebrity Pamela Anderson landing a role on Dancing With the Stars. Now that the awards season is over and with a few months to get in shape for the bikini season, many celebrities are expected to choose cosmetic surgery this spring to achieve a natural result for their beach bodies.