09 April 2013

Acne is not just a problem confined to teenagers. According to a medical practitioner from Baltimore, Maryland, the problem can surface in adult women and, when it does, is often a signal of hormonal issues. But, says Dr Janet Lin of the city's Mercy Medical Center, when such cases can be identified, a suitable treatment can be administered, which would involve rebalancing the patient's hormones. "What we see in women in their 20s and 30s is this acne that concentrates along the jaw line and, in women in their 20s and 30s we look at whether acne is worsened by menstrual periods," said Dr Lin. Recurring acne, as suffered by a woman in her teens or early 20s, can often be treated by use of a topical cream, Dr Lin added, while oral contraceptives may also help alleviate the problem. Similarly, women are being reassured that the scars which can sometimes be left behind as a result of acne can also be removed, using safe laser treatments whose positive effects can be seen after the first treatment session.