11 February 2013

US singer and musician John Mayer has been receiving Botox treatments to help him regain his voice. The Grammy Award-winning artist, who is currently dating Katy Perry, lost his voice when he developed a granuloma on his vocal chords.KBZK.com reports that although he had an operation to remove the growth, it returned, so he had Botox injections into his neck to treat the problem. The growth has now almost healed and Dr Gwen Korovin explained how the treatment works: The Botox actually doesn't allow the vocal folds to meet. It paralyses the muscles so that by paralysing the muscles you cannot bring the vocal folds together. That allows them to rest so the area isn't banging into each other." Mayer explained having an injection into his neck was fascinating. "It's a small enough needle that you don't go totally berserk when you see it, the star added. Mayer is one of the most successful singer-songwriters of the past ten years, receiving seven Grammy Awards and scoring three number-one albums in the US. Read the full story here: http://www.kbzk.com/news/john-mayer-his-shadow-days-are-over-finds-home-in-montana/