23 January 2013

A new trend seems to be emerging among Hollywoods older leading ladies for natural but elegant looks in which lines and wrinkles are accepted rather than hidden. The Huffington Post reported that the likes of Helen Mirren, Sally Field, Julianne Moore and Jane Fonda are all ageing gracefully instead of trying to look much younger than they actually are.According to the publication, the fact cosmetic procedures are improving is part of the reason for this as it means doctors are able to make subtle changes to a persons face rather the dramatic alterations of the past. Dermatologist Dr Doris Day said: A conservative, personalised and natural non-surgical approach is best when it comes to cosmetic procedures. This means fewer celebrities are spotting overly-taut faces, cat eyes or puffy lips, leaving them with a far more natural look. On top of this, modern women know they need to take care of themselves if they want their skin to look radiant as they get older, while improvements within the cosmetics industry mean makeup is now better than ever before, the publication stated. Read the full story here: