How does she do it? 49 year old Cindy Crawford shares some insider, super model beauty tips

How does she do it? 49 year old Cindy Crawford shares some insider, super model beauty tips

17 July 2015

At 49 years old Cindy Crawford is undeniably still one of the world’s most beautiful women, so how does the former super model keep up her age-defying look?

In a recent interview Cindy revealed some of the best beauty tips she’s picked up during a her career – and let’s face it, who’s better to get advice from than a woman who looks beautiful for a living!  Cindy’s beauty secrets came with two important caveats, according to the model looking your best is all about, “confidence and passion.” Cindy continues, “it’s the way you carry yourself, trusting that what you have to say is interesting, being engaged and having that spark of excitement in your eye. That’s beautiful.”

So what other words of wisdom did the model have to share? When it comes to her beauty routine Cindy is a fan of time saving beauty tricks, “I’m a huge fan of double duty beauty – because good things take time and none of us have enough of it.” The mother-of-two crams a little pampering into her work-outs, applying a hair-mask before she exercises as she’ll definitely be washing it afterwards.

Cindy also tries to make her blow-drys last as long as possible as she doesn’t like to overly style her hair’s brittle ends. “I’ve found that if I sleep in a loose top knot, when I wake up my hair is still smooth and has the added benefit of having some pretty waves.” The secret to loose waves is to secure your bun with a hair grip instead of a bobble which will leave a kink.

The supermodel also swears by dry brushing, applying body oil after showering and then using a dry brush over her entire body. “It invigorates the body, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite and [smoothes] the skin.”

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Image credit: Featureflash/ Shutterstock