05 February 2014

123316622Going back to nature is being touted in a big way recently at least when it comes to how women groom the hair in their most intimate areas. Last month's news that fashion chain American Apparel had brought in mannequins featuring pubic hair to its New York store window displays has helped propel the 'to groom or not to groom' debate right into the spotlight.And one advocate of the 'it's OK to grow' school is Hattie Crissell, who writes for fashion website, "To me, it is more than [a practical solution]," she writes. "Since my mid-teens, shaving my legs, armpits and whatever else has become as normal a part of my grooming routine as brushing my teeth. But removing that hair permanently feels like something different: the removal of any future choice." However, she points to Laser Hair Removal as the best solution which can satisfy those on either side of the debate. "Until a few years ago, I thought of Laser Hair Removal as something that was only used by the unfortunate few for whom hair had become A Serious Problem. I was wrong," she says. "They didn't have A Serious Problem [but] hair removal habits they couldn't be bothered with. "To them, Laser Hair Removal is nothing more than a practical solution to an everyday pest," she concludes. Indeed, the trend for bikini hair removal is also apparent when looking at figures from The Harley Medical Group, which state that Laser Hair Removal for the bikini line overall is currently growing 20 times faster than for any other area of the body. Where do you sit on the Laser Hair Removal debate?