12 March 2013

InjectionIn her quest to ensure she stays looking as young as possible, reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently underwent a ‘vampire facial’ during an episode of her show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. But questions have been raised as to whether the treatment actually offers long-lasting, anti-ageing benefits.Speaking to omg!, Boston plastic surgeon Dr Jeffrey Spiegal explained that a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, which is then spun in a special machine to separate the different components. Next, the blood is injected into the face using tiny needles, which it is thought will encourage the body to produce more collagen and ‘plump’ itself up. Dr Spiegal said he has concerns about the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment, as it has been around for a few years and is still relatively unknown. “Anything that is really a miracle, everybody will know about it,” he stated. “And if it's not being embraced, it's not that effective. There are always trends with ingredients, but the ones that are really proven are the ones that stay around.” Read the full story here: