29 August 2014

In the past, it seemed as though women took great steps to prevent the formation of wrinkles, while men were happy to �grow old gracefully�. Nowadays however, more men than ever are starting to take Skin Care seriously, helped by the growing numbers of manufacturers catering to the men�s Skin Care market. How does men�s Anti-Ageing Skin Care differ from women�s? For a start, a low-maintenance regime is recommended, with experts encouraging men to focus more on the Skin Care ingredients for optimum results. Rather than making the assumption that the more you spend, the more effective the product, it is wiser to put your trust in ingredients backed by experts. Products containing moisture-boosting ingredients are also key for maintaining soft, supple skin, while in-built sun protection is recommended to combat early ageing and pigmentation. Calling all men � do you follow a Skin Care regime daily? Send us a tweet with your tips for maintaining young-looking skin.