30 September 2013

Woman with wrinkle free faceFillers injected into cheeks could be a route to a younger looking face when the natural process of ageing occurs. Christina Conti, a personal assistant from New York, was seeking a more youthful appearance and tried fillers in her nasolabial folds the lines that run from the nose to corners of the mouth.It was not until the 44-year-olds dermatologist, Dr Marina Peredo, suggested injecting filler not into her wrinkles but into the flesh of her cheeks that she began to see results. It gave me back [the] definition I had 15 years ago, Ms Conti said. People said; Wow, you look great. You look happy I would do it again in a heartbeat. Dr Peredo believes there is a reason for the phrase baby face. Round, plump cheeks look young while saggy, sunken ones can make you look older. Nine times out of 10, people dont realize what the real problem is, Ms Contis dermatologist told the New York Times. But as we age, the cheeks deflate and excess skin falls toward the jawline. That makes the triangle flip upside down so that the widest part of the face is now at the jawline.