25 September 2012

A young woman who suffered a stroke when she was 15 is regaining the use of her left hand thanks to Botox injections. Mel Strzebrakowska suffered from a stroke caused by an arteriovenous malformation, which is an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein in the brain, the Daily Mail reports.Although she recovered over time, the right side of her body was weak and her right hand remained clenched into a fist. Doctors do not fully understand why this can happen to stoke victims, although they believe it could be because the nerve pathways from the brain that normally control this kind of muscle tightening have been damaged. To try and solve the problem, Mel took part in a study carried out by doctors at University College London that involves combining Botox injections with regular, targeted physiotherapy sessions to loosen the tightened muscles. Dr David Werring, who is leading the study, said: We know that Botox has a temporary muscle-weakening effect of up to three months, and by combining it with physiotherapy we hope to create a window of opportunity so that the stroke survivor and their physiotherapist can work on those muscles and create a longer-lasting effect. Mel has gradually regained control of her hand and can now do everyday tasks such as opening doors and holding small items like money with greater ease. Read the full story here: