How technology is paving the way for superior beauty products

How technology is paving the way for superior beauty products

21 July 2015

We may be happy to do our food shopping online, or even to buy a new pair of shoes, but when it comes to beauty products the industry has seriously lagged behind the Ecommerce trend.  All that could be about to change however, as new technologies help brands develop bespoke projects that could revolutionise the sector.

The main issue for the beauty industry to overcome has been that, because each person’s skin is unique, customers have preferred to go in store and try cosmetics and skin care products rather than purchasing them online.  Though recent advancements in face mapping and augmented reality could soon see us testing products virtually, with some really exciting possibilities.

L’Oreal has set the bar with their ‘Make Up Genius’ application, which turns your smartphone into an interactive mirror.  Using augmented reality, ‘Make Up Genius’ allows you to try L’Oreal products in real time, it’s a virtual product catalogue where you can try individual products or an entire make up look.

There’s also growing demand for more tailor-made products in the beauty industry.  Currently Cover FX offers a bespoke foundation where customers are provided with pure pigment to combine into their own unique shade.  Similarly Eyeko has created a ‘personalised mascara’ giving customers the choice between 23 different brushes to find the one that best suits their needs.  But the future could see customisation take off on a mass scale.

Grace Choi wowed crowds at TechCrunch with the Mink Printer.  A product that allows users to select any colour from the web or reality and print it as an eye-shadow, blush, lip-gloss or any other type of make-up – ingenious!

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Image credit: Yoganov Konstantin/ Shutterstock