How the menopause changes your skin and the treatments for it

9 December 2014

The menopause is one of the biggest transformations for a woman to undergo – but with a bit of planning and preparation, we can expect the unexpected thanks to some handy beauty tips.

When the menopause occurs, oestrogen is reduced – which in turn, leads to an increase in the male hormone testosterone. While it once worked in perfect harmony with oestrogen, it now has free rein to become a dominant hormone – with the potential to lead to Adult Acne. If this happens, seek advice from a medical expert specialising in women’s hormonal health issues, or alternatively, speak to your GP about using a topical vitamin A cream.

Retaining firm, voluminous skin can be difficult due to a loss of collagen, but this can be remedied by following a Skin Care routine involving vitamin C – however, one popular alternative many women are turning to includes Dermal Fillers. If you find yourself suffering from an uneven complexion and blotchy skin, then make sure you protect your skin all year round with sunscreen. Ensure it contains moisturising properties, while applications of vitamin B3 in a serum can also be a huge benefit to your skin.

Have any of you experienced the menopause? How have you dealt with it? Here at The Harley Medical Group, we offer a range of treatments to combat the signs of Ageing – talk to us on our Twitter page to book your free Dermal Fillers consultation today.