12 December 2012

Every woman wishes she had long, slender legs, but the unfortunate fact of life is that not everyone is blessed in this department. However, those who find they have cankles – when the calf appears to merge into the foot without getting slimmer around the ankle – have been offered advice on how to tackle the problem.In a blog for Shape, Jay Cardiello explained many women are genetically predisposed to having cankles and unfortunately, there is not much they can do. However, he noted new ‘ankle liposuction’ surgeries are now available. “This one-hour, outpatient surgery is becoming extremely popular with women hoping to reduce their ankle circumference,” Mr Cardiello stated. He also said the build-up of fluid around the ankles caused by a bad diet can lead to cankles, so women should ensure they eat well and follow a good exercise plan if they want to remain fit and healthy.