How to choose the right laser hair removal clinic

24 January 2013

Advice has been offered to those who are thinking of undergoing laser hair removal. According to an article posted on, the first thing to do is research the topic and different clinics online. When searching, individuals should ensure they look at clinics that have well-trained employees with specialist qualifications that make them experts in their field. If people are unsure, they should ask to see certifications – something that professionals will be more than happy to provide. Another good idea is to ask the clinic for before and after pictures of patients. It is also important to read the description of the services offered by the clinic carefully. “Don’t follow a centre that markets complete hair removal. These laser methods are technically permanent, but they don’t promise total hair removal,” the article advised. It also warned individuals not to be sucked in by cheap deals, as these are not always the best clinics in terms of service and experience.