30 July 2013

Woman checking skin in mirrorEverybody has their own little body hang-ups even those blessed with perfect skin or a magnificent figure can have one thing they hate to glimpse in the mirror. Here are some tips to cope with your most hated features:Face foodAccording to Mumbai surgeon Dr Rekha Sheth, you should exercise regularly, eat healthy and avoid excessive white carbohydrates. Along with increasing your water intake, this will work wonders for your face and complexion. Never pluck pimples or spots, this is likely to burn your skin and cause a blemish that will take ages to clear, warns Dr Sheth.Check your hairstyleThere are certain hairstyles that can contribute to a reduced strand count in older age. Hereditary, hormonal imbalances, anaemia and extreme dieting are common causes of hair loss, as are hairstyles such as high ponytails, braids and dreadlocks.That figureWhen it comes to your figure, there are some things dieting wont do says another Mumbai surgeon, Dr Viral Desai. Diet and exercise are not effective for breast enlargement. Gaining weight may help in certain cases, but fat may also be added to other areas, such as the waist and thighs, she said. The only option is a cosmetic procedure either a breast implant or an autologous breast implant where fat from another part of the patients body is relocated to the breast. Fillers are a non-surgical option for breast enhancement. However, this method is expensive and the results are temporary.