How to correct sagging skin around the eyes: Surgical vs. Non Surgical

How to correct sagging skin around the eyes: Surgical vs. Non Surgical

23 October 2014

It’s a common belief that the older we get, the more we loosen up – both emotionally and unfortunately in the physical sense; which is particularly evident in the sagging skin around our eyes. While we can try as we might to prevent this ageing process with various Skin Care potions, there will be times when we may need to resort to alternative methods – those involving Surgical as well as Non Surgical techniques.

As the name suggests, Non Surgical implies a non invasive approach to your skin – such as Dermal Fillers. The most popular Dermal Filler used in the beauty industry is Botox, designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines: involving the injection of the substance surrounding the eye area.

However, for those seeking a more permanent solution, Eye Bag Removal surgery is becoming quickly established as a highly regarded method to tighten the skin around the eye. Delivering great success rates, it’s the preferred option for those in their late 30s – delivering effective results for a younger complexion.

While both are viable choices, ensure you carry out proper research – seeking out the services of a certified, experienced and fully trained professional to deliver the relevant treatment or procedure.

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