How to do Anti-Ageing in your twenties

How to do Anti-Ageing in your twenties

27 January 2015

We all know the standard Anti-Ageing tips: moisturise regularly, apply daily SPF and stop smoking – but your age will determine what will work best for you when it comes to looking (and staying) young. Women in their twenties should actually steer clear of heavy and rich Anti-Ageing creams as their ingredients could actually irritate your skin and cause more damage than good.

So what should you do if you’re in your twenties?

Tips include going easy on your eyeliner, sleeping on your back, and moisturising in upward motions.

Dragging eyeliner across the delicate skin on your eyes every day will pull on the skin, making it weaker and more susceptible to ageing fine lines. Instead, use eyeliner every couple of days, and only sweep across in one motion to protect the skin around your eyes.

Sleeping on your side or face down can cause permanent wrinkles. Instead, try to sleep on your back for optimum back and neck posture and to avoid wrinkles. If you absolutely must sleep on your side, invest in a satin or silk pillow which will be kinder to your skin.

Moisturise in upward motions (never forgetting your neck and chest). This will discourage skin from sagging and drooping as you get older, keeping it firm and taut.

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