17 January 2014

Woman with wrinkle free faceThere's no escaping the fact that scars left by Acne can be difficult to remove, according to an Indian beauty expert but he adds that several effective methods exist for the purpose. Nikos Narkissos says in the latest edition of his regular beauty column for the Times of India that acne scars can be treated in a number of ways beginning even before the acne itself has disappeared. "The best way is by preventing the marks from developing during the healing process ... using a spot treatment that will prevent them from breaking out further," he writes.Once they appear, however, such marks can be effectively treated using skin care products containing kojic and glycolic acid, and vitamin C. The first of these is an essential ingredient for treating hyper-pigmentation, Narkissos notes, as it has been found to inhibit the formation of pigment in skin cells. Protecting the skin from the sun is also important for helping acne scars fade, as UV rays will darken them, and make them more noticeable. Skin treatments, such as Obagi Skin Peels, and Dermaroller, are also now commonly used, and proven, for lessening the appearance of such scarring.