How to handle a heat-wave – beauty essentials to help you survive the warm weather

How to handle a heat-wave – beauty essentials to help you survive the warm weather

10 August 2015

While we hate to be the ones to complain when the sun’s shining, warm weather can reap havoc on your beauty regime!

Sunburn, sleepless nights and clammy skin, can leave you feeling more like a beached whale than a beach babe. So how can you keep your cool when lazing on a sun lounger and taking timely dips in a chilled swimming pool aren’t an option?

Power shower

Few houses in the UK are fitted with air conditioning, and so a hot night can also mean a restless night’s sleep.  Get a fresh start come morning with a cool shower and reviving body wash.  Try a product with cucumber, aloe vera or mint to give hot skin an extra treat.

Chilled body-lotion

Thick, sticky moisturiser will do you no favours in the heat, so swap your regular product for a lighter, quick absorbing body-lotion.  Storing your moisturiser in the fridge will give it a heavenly chilled quality when temperatures are up.

Mist and go!

Facial mists are brilliant for an on-the-go refresh.  Whether it’s a stuffy commute, a faulty office air conditioner or bustling city crowds you have to tackle, keep a spray handy to avoid an over-heated melt down.

Pampered pedi’

Your feet can really suffer on hot days, so treat them to a little extra TLC when it’s warm.  A cool soak and some soothing peppermint foot lotion will rejuvenate tired toes at the end of a long day.

After care

Plenty of SPF is a given when the sun shines, make sure you top up throughout the day for maximum protection from UV rays and apply aftersun in the evening to help replenish stressed skin.

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Image credit: solominviktor/ Shutterstock